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Amber Roberts Images_Canan DeLevi-5727.jpg
Amber Roberts Images_Canan DeLevi-5727.jpg

About the Artist

Canan Delevi has a BFA in Art & Design and an EMBA with a specialization

in Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Living in Geneva, Switzerland since 2015, she is working full time as an interior architect.

She started taking drawing classes when she was 15, and never stopped playing around with drawings, color, paint, and other stuff.

Not committed to a specific style, and comfortable with various forms and materials, she prefers acrylic paint and mixing materials.

Always curious and looking for the next experiment, she paints her emotions,

stories, trips and dreams.

She finds inspiration in everything from books to movies, music to food, a street scene,

or a human gesture.


Her motto is ‘Perfectly Imperfect’.



*September '23

Are We Real ?

5 Artiestes

5 Visions

5 Reflections

A collective exhibition with 4 other artists in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland.

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